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 Burton Bash 2022...

A glorious October morning welcomed the riders (and support crew!) of the 2022 Burton Bash. The overwhelming success of the inaugural event in 2021 meant our numbers increased with more and more of Ben’s friends wanting to take on the challenge and raise money for the great cause that is The Brain Tumour Charity.


The mood was one of excitement, tinged with trepidation (for those who had heard about Clee Hill, but never experienced it!).


It was great to see lots of familiar faces and ride returnees including “The Worcester Rapha Boys” with new additions, Hallet bringing in “Team Average”, but most off all, it was lovely to see a throng (good word!) of new riders ready to take on the challenge.  The peloton looked amazing in our new Team Burton cycle jerseys.


As the start time approached, and the support cars (thanks to Make Good Grow for the loan of The Passion Wagon and Ted for his BashMW) started their engines, the man of the hour The Truly Amazing Ben Burton appeared to give us the send off and motivation everyone needed!


We rode out of Warwick, with the sun… and unfortunately… the wind on our faces. 67 miles to go!


It was a strong start from all of the riders to the first rest stop at the “Burial Ground”… where bottles were filled and flapjacks and haribo were eaten.


Mood - Still positive....47 miles to go.




The first obstacle for the group was the fearsome (if tackled) Buckleberry Ford, where last year Clive, Brains (after being wiped out by Clive) and Nyren (his second fall of the day :)) came a cropper. This year however….. all through safely! Much to the disappointment of many.


The 12mph headwind was starting to take its toll on some as we continued toward Herefordshire. All many could think about was the site of Larkin’s really tiny Guinness last year… The Bell @ Snead Common. Our next official stop. Group by group, riders rolled in to the pub faced with a serious decision… Beer or Soft Drink…..


Mood - before pub - ok

Mood - after pub - good!


22 miles to go!


By now, everyone’s thoughts turned to the monster that is the Official 100 climbs entry, and the highest A road in Shropshire….. Clee Hill. A challenge for any cyclist, but a monumental effort for the people in our group we were not seasoned riders. The headwind continued to Bash us as we started up hill…. Some finding is easier than others…. Cramp for some…  and some suffering so much they were swearing at the sheep. But all this said, every rider made it over and to the top for a well earned rest break in the car park. Greeted by Boing and Gaynor and their Passion Wagon full of goodies.


Quick rest stop….. then a massive joyous descent! 


Mood - Relief

7 miles to go!


The Ludlow brewery was our finish line for day 1, for some cracking real ale with great friends and Family Burton and the Ludlow natives.


It has to be said, for those in the group who are not “official” cyclists… a fantastic effort. That was not an easy day in the saddle.


The night in Ludlow is, being honest, the favourite part of the ride for many…. The chance to reminisce, share stories, and spend some time with great company…. This year, we went for culture… A greek banquet, followed by the usual isotonic refreshment in the Compasses.


Day 2…. 


Mood - mixed… Hangovers and happiness.

67 miles to go.


As with last year…. We started the day with a hearty breakfast at the lovely Buttery Cafe in Ludlow. 


The Day 2 ride back to Warwick was (forgetting the heavy heads) was much more straightforward due to a favourable wind and fact that Clee Hill part 2 was done and dusted after 7 miles riding…. Thankfully!


And again… annoyingly… nobody came a cropper in the Ford.


As Warwick came in to view after another long day in the saddle we arranged to meet at The Racehorse pub so that we could gather to ensure we rode in to the finish as a group. The mood was one of relief and joy as Ben joined us and shared a few laughs and made us realise that what we are doing is raising money and awareness for a truly amazing cause.


The New Bowling Green was our final destination after a quick stop for the final group photo at the Warwick Castle. As we approached reached the pub, you couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the huge group that had turned out to welcome us home.


All that was left now was to relax, reminisce, and raise a glass to the Amazing Ben Burton.


Miss you dude!



All of this would not be possible and we would not raise so much money, without the help of our sponsors and raffle donators…. Massive thanks go out to…


The Kebab Shack

Cycling GK

Wells & Co.


The Buttery

Stolen Goat

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